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The HFA Difference

We understand. Large crowds. Having to exercise in front of people while not knowing for sure if you are performing the exercise correctly. Having to guess about what, when, and how to eat. Feeling like you are being average and not winning like you know you are capable of. We understand.

Our Education Center, Fitness Coach and Accountability Programs will teach you the “hormonally” correct way to eat, cardio and lift weights to look BIAS. You’ll also learn the “why to do it this way” not just the “what to do”. Start learning the Facts to start losing the Fat…FASTER! “Stop doing it wrong. Start doing it right.” Change your habits to change your figure. Change your figure to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Explore our member benefits and you will quickly learn why we’re not the typical gym.

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Personalized Results

Receive personalized fitness coaching and learn how to correctly use your fitness room to look better in a swimsuit.

Privacy & Convenience

Enjoy access to our fitness rooms for added privacy. Book a fitness room using our online booking calendar and avoid the typical gym crowds. You will have the equipment for your entire exercise session, guaranteed.


Get routine body fat assessments, receive weekly emails, keep accurate records, officially enter your personal 12-week BIAS Challenges. Use accountability to start playing and competing at a higher level!


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Education Center

Start learning the FACTS and start losing the FAT…FASTER!


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