Healthy Products

After Joining Habits Fitness Academy – Each member receives (in the Mail) a “Product Catalog” for a Company that Habits Fitness Academy endorses.

These are toxin-free “Healthy Products” that help folks live Longer Healthier and help folks live Healthier Longer.

A person does not have to purchase any products to start looking Better In A Swimsuit (BIAS) and get into the Single Digit Bodyfat % Club. However, when it comes to being as healthy as possible and staying/looking as YOUNG as possible, I am a HEALTH NUT!! I enjoy NOT BEING AVERAGE. I have been using these toxin-free “Healthy Products” for the past 7 Plus years and a few of my Favorites are

  • Healthy Coffee” (a product that eliminates toxins by using an infrared cooking system vs high temp roasting of regular coffee – plus has ADDED health supporting ingredients)
  • “Fire and Ice Tea” (a product that helps increase metabolic rate and supports the body’s natural ability to store energy for use)
  • a “Post Work-Out” drink (a product that provides the optimal ratio of Essential Amino Acids for optimal muscle growth and development)
  • “CollagenB3” (a protein powder product that helps support healthy hair, skin, nails, muscles, joints and focus)
  • “SupraOmega PLUS” (contains a mix of Essential Fatty Acids 3 and 6 along with fatty acids 5,7,9 and CoQ10 to impart powerful support for cardiovascular health and cognitive function

And, a favorite I like getting my parents

  • The A.G.E. Pill (a product designed to help combat the biological processes behind aging)

This Company will consider you as a “Preferred Customer.” And, IF you should decide to order any of these toxin-free “Healthy Products” for yourself, then you would be able to do that either On-Line (or by Phone) and they would be shipped directly to your Home Address.