After Joining



      1. Read and Educate yourself with the information located in the Education Center, so you will understand what the main goal is here at Habits Fitness Academy.

      1. Read the section titled “The 3 Steps to Success” and “The BIAS Cliff Notes” in the Education Center. These are a MUST READ before starting your BIAS journey or “officially” starting YOUR BIAS Challenge. We HAVE TO start “learning” so we can start “losing”…Fat as fast as possible!!

      1. Choose a fitness program. It’s time to choose which program you want to start, the #1 BIAS Program, #2 BIAS program or #3 BIAS program. First, read at least the Eating Part of the #1 BIAS Program on the Home Page

      1. Second, look over the #2 and #3 BIAS Programs in the Education Center (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the #1 BIAS program if you are asking me) to get an idea of which program you think you are “more” ready to start and get held Accountable to (the important thing is you recording what you decide to do so we both can see what is working well or what is not working as well). 

      1. Get a starting weight. Find a scale you will be able to access easily to use every time you weigh. We want to be as accurate as we can. Remember to Record everything you do. It MATTERS!! 

      1. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Get a starting body fat assessment. I prefer the skin fold measurement method. This is where your BIAS Coach uses calipers to pinch multiple sections of the body to determine body fat percentage. If you live in the area and would like me to get it, use the Private Booking Calendar to schedule that appointment or shoot me a message using our Community feature located in your Dashboard on the gym website. This information too should be recorded. Side note: I also recommend HIGHLY getting your bloodwork done before starting. This can be another very effective tool in helping yourself and your referees STAY COMMMITTED/NOT STOP. When we get it again down the road and it improves, it will be more “proof” that you are on the correct fitness program and will RAISE BELIEF!!

      1. Take your Before Pictures. Put on your swimsuit (we don’t call it the Better In A Swimsuit Program for nothing ;-], or a sports bra etc. Just put on an outfit that you will be able to see improvement in when you take the pics again). Get a front photo, a side photo and a back photo.

      1. Go ahead and schedule your fitness for the day or even the week (if you know your set schedule in advance). TheFitness Room Scheduleis located in your Dashboard. Choose a Fitness Room, a Day and Time Slot on the Weekly Calendar and follow the instructions from there. Remember, as members we can only have 1 exercise session booked per day. We also agree to and must use the Private Booking Calendar to Schedule our fitness Time Slot and Room (along with canceling and rescheduling an appointment in advance if needed) BEFORE arriving at the facility. This is the only way we can all enjoy the MUCH NEEDED benefit of the added privacy value that comes with having this different and BETTER gym membership.    

      1.  Start the Accountability Program (having your own coach and staying in contact with them) at the same time you start your BIAS program (this is not required of course if you don’t want to use it or you feel as if it is not needed. IT IS JUST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY YOURS TRUELY). Start recording at the same time also (again, VERY IMPORTANT to “looking BIAS (Better In A Swimsuit) at the fastest pace possible” in my humble yet accurate opinion. But if you don’t want to have it help you that’s fine too). These two programs go hand in hand. Begin to get into the Habit of logging into your fitness website daily for messages (accountability) from your BIAS Coach. And begin to use your BIAS Record Sheets to record daily (both of these features are also located here on YOUR BIAS website after joining).

      1.  Lastly, choose a starting date! Whenever you start playing the BIAS Game, start on a Monday.  Do steps #6, #7, and #8 as close to your starting date as possible.




       Are you READY?! I can’t wait to see all the changes you are going to make. I plan on being right there beside you every step of the way! Continue to update your Fitness Profile regularly. I like getting my weight, a new body fat assessment progress report and pictures (front, side and back) at least every 12 weeks or just OFFICIALLY enter another BIAS Challenge (TURN MORE FAT INTO CASH). Side Note: you can take pics every 4 weeks for the fun of it. Doing this you could actually see when and where your changes are occurring. And be sure to update me and The BIAS Community on the progress you are making and how YOUR BIAS program is working for you. Success stories will help raise more people’s belief in themselves and the program, help more people join Habits and help more people start looking BIAS!! You are about to do this FITNESS thing right: Start the CORRECT fitness program and start an ACCOUNTABILITY program (GET A COACH) with it!!!GET EXCITED. NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL SOMEONE GETS EXCITED…“Change your Habits, change your figure; change your figure, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”

      Note:  It’s all about progress. It’s all about improving and getting better. It’s all about competing and not stopping. It’s not over until YOU WIN!! I believe in you!! You have what it takes!!


          1.  Go to the “Community” section on the Dashboard, which will be your own personal fitness section. Upload your own profile pics you want, your own background pic you want, etc. You will be able to upload your before/after photos here as well. They will be another way to track progress on our BIAS journey! This is where we will be able to stay in contact with each other (a form of accountability) so I can help you throughout YOUR BIAS journey.  Get ready cause the accountability emails (if you choose to take advantage of this BIAS success principle) will begin. Basically, just begin to communicate with me, Your Coach. If you have any questions about anything on YOUR fitness website, send me a message, talk to me, contact me, holler at me, drop me a line, hit me up, etc. I want to help you any way I can. I believe having this feature will help both of us. Don’t hesitate!! I am ready when you are!! Looking Better In A Swimsuit is WORTH GOING AFTER! Let’s accomplish it together!! “Wait, you still have not sent me a message YET?!” What in the world are you waiting for?!?!…=]