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  • Indirect Referrals (Level 2) — Get Compensated for what your referee’s referrals do
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3 Easy Steps to Becoming a Habits Affiliate.

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An affiliate program is a win-win. You tell your friends about us and when they signup through your unique link, you earn a commission.

You’re seamlessly connected to your referral. This ensures you earn commissions on all their future purchases, even if they clear cookies or switch devices.

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Per US tax regulations, Affiliates earning $600+ need to furnish a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security Number (SSN)—US citizens only.  Read our Affiliate Terms of Use for more information.

If an affiliate within the middle of the tier structure becomes inactive or decides to leave the program, our system is designed to automatically adjust to ensure uninterrupted commission flow. In such cases, the inactive or departing affiliate is effectively skipped in the commission distribution process. Commissions that would have gone to them are redistributed to the next active affiliate up the line.

This means that if an affiliate directly beneath them generates sales, the commissions will bypass the inactive affiliate and go to the next eligible affiliate higher in the structure. This adjustment ensures that active affiliates continue to be rewarded for their efforts and the efforts of their network, maintaining the integrity and continuity of the commission structure even when changes occur within the network.