In my opinion, everyone wants to win.

Welcome to Habits Fitness Academy. 

My name is Jim Allen and I am a fitness coach. I have a passion for fitness and helping others. I have personally witnessed all types of fitness success and failure stories and want to tell you: YOU CAN WIN!

People don’t enjoy losing. People don’t like getting beat up. People want to compete. When people get knocked down, I think they want to get back up, continuing fighting and win! The problem is most people are not in an arena where they can play, fight, compete and win.

Seeing a person’s lack of success frustrates me. I’ve even seen people start the correct fitness program and still not succeed. Maybe that’s you. My experience as a fitness coach has led me to discover the two main reasons why people do not achieve their fitness goals. Or, as I like to say, “Look better in a swimsuit.” First, they do not stay on the fitness program long enough to allow the body to change or they begin a program not suited for their needs. Secondly, they start their journey alone. They have no guidance or support.

A person’s success to failure ratio increases dramatically when these key issues are addressed. It will practically guarantee success, I promise! Our program targets these two key issues. Finally, looking Better In A Swimsuit (BIAS) can become a reality!

Your journey to success starts with joining a team, getting a coach and starting a personalized fitness program. We are more than a gym. We are a fitness center focused on Teaching you how to look Better In A Swimsuit (BIAS) and Helping you DO IT! We are Habits Fitness Academy. “Stop doing it Wrong. Start doing it Right.”